If you are inspired by one of my existing drawings and would like to get it tattooed, this is an optional opportunity to pay for the design instead of getting a tattooist to steal it (good tattooists won't copy other artists designs)


This listing is for Tattoo Ticket (aka the permission/appreciation to get exisiting work tattooed)  There is nothing shipped, you'll just get a digital confirmation of the purchase.


Once you have purchased you are welcome to tattoo any illustration that you love, EXCLUDING commissioned work by others. If you are not sure about a design just shoot me a message :)


I'd LOVE to see the finished product once the tattoo is completed so please send me pics if your comfortable and tag me on Instagram @ailiebanks


If you would like a custom piece you can order a personal commission or just shoot me a message via the contact page if you have questions. 

Tattoo Ticket

    • If you would like to modify any design it would be kind to run it by me, however if its anything minor like removing clouds, changing skintones etc thats fine
    • If you would like just the linework tattooed and need a copy to take to your tattooist just message me after purchasing your ticket
    • A tattoo ticket does not cover any requests for design mods or custom work. Customs need to be purchased as personal commissions and any mods need to be booked & paid for seperately.