The Book of Bitch

published by allen & Unwin

Writer and artist Ailie Banks is a self-proclaimed bitch. The word has been thrown at her, and the women around her, Ailie's entire life. A bitch is stereotypically thought to be unkind, uncaring and ultimately untrustworthy. But in Ailie's eyes, a bitch is someone who stands firm and speaks their mind in the face of sexist rhetoric. They don't filter themselves for the comfort of others and they don't give a single damn about meeting societal expectations. From Ambitious Bitch to Zealous Bitch, THE BOOK OF BITCH is an alphabetical tribute to the word sneered through clenched teeth at those who refuse to shrink in the face of oppression. This book shows once and for all that every bitch is multifaceted, every bitch is human and every bitch deserves to be celebrated.

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THE BOOK OF BITCH is an unapologetic, illustrated A to Z guide for those reclaiming and celebrating their inner bitch.

OK Cupid

Valentines campaign 2021 

Ailie Banks was commissioned by OK Cupid along with a group of digital artists to create E-cards " that celebrate all kinds of love (and lust, too)."

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Bonds AUS/NZ

Queendom Campaign 

Ailie Banks was commissioned by Bonds AUS/NZ to create animations and illustrations for the Queendom Campaign shared on instagram. 

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instagram campaign

Benefit cosmetics

international women's day campaign 
and global website takeover 

Ailie Banks partnered with Benefit Cosmetics on an International Women's Day campaign where Benefit shut down it's websites globally, and in their place, provided resources for women to learn new skills and empower them to join the fight for equality.  


Who is Ailie Banks?

Based in the Blue Mountains is illustrator, activist and violence prevention worker, Ailie Banks. Advocacy is integral to Ailie's art practise and existence, with particular focus on issues and experiences faced by people whom the status quo does not think to otherwise include. Author of The Book of Bitch, Ailie wrote and illustrated an ode to women and NB people in an effort to reclaim language and symbolism often used in attempt to pull women and non binary people down. 

Art and Ailie have always gone hand in hand, it was inevitable she hustle hard to live and work as an artist. A pursuit she holds in high regard. Equally, activism and advocacy come naturally to Ailie. These passions often actively connect and are always orbiting each other. Ailie runs the youth Art Space at the BMWHRC as well as her contributions to violence prevention projects. Her work both individually as an artist or in collaboration with other creators and companies reflects these ideals too.

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